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Ledenika "National Folklore Festival, 2019

In the heart of the Vratsa Balkans, in a land with traditions, mysticism and beautiful nature, within two days was a celebration of the millennial traditions of the Bulgarian people, a celebration of Bulgarian cultural values, a great lesson of the Municipality of Vratsa on patriotism. Thousands of guests at the fair enjoyed the performances of many dance and singing groups, the skills of master craftsmen, wrestling, fire dances, authentic songs, dances and customs. For the culmination of the Council and the big Northern wedding, we have prepared a separate album in which we have captured the moments from it. Here with these photos we will try to convey to you the emotion that reigned in the meadows of Vratsa, the mood of all present and understood our own joy to see so many Bulgarians, so many connoisseurs of Bulgarian, holding hands to have fun and celebrate as our ancestors did. The team of "Bulgarian Roots" thanks the Municipality of Vratsa for the official invitation to be guests of the Fair and to capture the moments from it with our lenses.


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