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By purchasing from this e-shop you support the activities and initiatives of


  • Providing funds necessary for travel and coverage of all significant events that present in an authentic way part of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage.

  • The shooting, production and printing of the annual calendars from the series "BULGARIAN ROOTS", which present unique AUTHENTIC samples of the Bulgarian national costume, which has been an integral part of the life and everyday life of our ancestors for the last 2 centuries.

  • A study of the cultural diversity and ritual symbolism of traditional clothing with accompanying accessories and attributes of social status.

  • The publication of the first volume of a luxury "Ethnographic Album", including color photographs and an academic part, presenting the peculiarities of the ethnographic areas in Bulgaria.

  • Supporting the activities of the Dimitar Talev Foundation for the purchase of the house of the great writer in Prilep and its transformation into a museum.

  • Organizing an annual exhibition with photos of the most beautiful and unknown national costumes, which the team of the Live Roots of Bulgaria has managed to find and photograph in conditions as close as possible to the natural environment in which they were used.

  • Production and broadcasting of a series of educational films, sounded in different languages, about the traditional Bulgarian clothing, telling about the costumes, about the respective ethnographic area, together with the characteristic culturological features and the ritual symbolism.

Thank you from the bottom of a heart!

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