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There is so much work to do ...

Uniting behind the name "Bulgarian Roots", the team of the Foundation entered many of the museums in Bulgaria. He visited every important forum, festival and fair, immersed himself in the nostalgic longing of the Bulgarian diasporas in our neighboring countries, supported municipalities and cultural centers, participated in the activities of patriotic structures and organizations, collecting authentic details of Bulgarian immortal culture, life and nationality. Cultural communities and groups of associates and advocates for the promotion of Bulgarian cultural heritage began to call us "Bulgarian roots" and over time this name became necessary and united our search. As a result of the efforts made so far, "The live roots of Bulgaria" enjoys the support of more than 45,000 like-minded people, some of them from abroad.

Social networks have remained a platform that allows to reflect a large part of the culturally significant events and events held in the country and abroad.


Over time, the team of "The live roots of Bulgaria" has established itself as a benchmark of photographic quality and historical and ethnographic correctness in covering all events in which there are authentic details of Bulgarian folklore, life and nationality. Realizing that in the 21st century it is difficult to differentiate traditional cultural values from their contemporary interpretations, we try to present every true piece of history, accompanied by the most reliable information about the original source.

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