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Costume calendars 2021



A calendar dedicated to the beauty and spiritual strength of the Bulgarian woman

This project was carried out with the kind assistance of the Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum - Elhovo, Regional Historical Museum - Yambol, Historical Museum - Batak, "Korpeeva House", or exhibition "Kotel City Life", Regional Historical Museum - Pazardzhik, costumes from private collections.


It is generally believed that Bulgarian women are very beautiful. This beauty has been passed down through the centuries until today. Many foreign travelers who passed through our lands were amazed by the wonderful beauty of the Bulgarian woman. But along with the physical qualities, the passengers were amazed by the color and precision of the workmanship of her clothing, by its various shapes and elements. In 1553, the French aristocrat  Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq exclaimed: "The costumes of these women are remarkable!", And the more picky Count d'Otrive, although dissatisfied with the rough country clothes, did not in fact deny that they were "colorful." and "not very simple", also "always very clean, there is brilliance and some elegance".
Our folk costumes are among the most remarkable works of our old Bulgarian art. Their individual parts, their decoration and jewelry are a very complex and slender sign system. Centuries-old beliefs, ancient notions, magical colors and secret signs are twisted in the Bulgarian woman's clothes. The magic of the costume is preserved in the harmony of the patterns, in the brilliance of the tinsel, in the ringing of the coins, in the light of the beads, in the bizarre shapes twisted by braids and braids. Its enchantment is in the subtle scent of geranium and basil, smin and rose, the wind-blown scent of ripe grapes, juicy apples and wheat woven into the bride's headscarf. And the costume is not only a fabulous color picture and chest-filling aroma, but also captivating rhythm and music. The ringing of bracelets and earrings, of headbands and tepels, of necklaces and buttons. It is movement, step, dance, magic, a palette of pleasures for the senses.
Yes, in her festive attire the Bulgarian woman is always the most beautiful. It is precisely her clothing that gives her that magical regal posture and noble gait. The image of the glamorous girl brings together a wonderful beauty, moral virtue, modesty and diligence, undeniable talent and creative talents, deep attachment to the native tradition. The garment, created by her own hands and woven into a breath of the past and a dream for the future, has unsurpassed appeal and enchanting magic. With her help, the door to that otherworldly, fairy-tale world of the "unborn" girl, of the real Bulgarian woman, is so easily opened.
Let's cross his threshold now!
Thanks to the team of the Bulgarian Roots Foundation, this can be done for another year. The tradition in the first days of the new year to hold in our hands a wonderful calendar, full of which of which is more glitzy authentic women's costumes, continues. Traditions are to be observed and learned from
Anelia Ovnarska-Milusheva, ethnologist

The Live Roots of Bulgaria Foundation

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