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Девойко, мари хубава - календар 2022

The project concentrates on the preparation of calendars, although the results are shown through all possible channels: exhibitions in the country and abroad, charity and cultural events, official presentations, media. So far, however, calendars remain the main method.

Why calendars? Because they cross distances, enter people's homes and stay there all year round, provoke emotions, tell stories, revive historical memory. Our goal is not to provoke nostalgia for times gone by. We want something more - to provoke people to look at the present, because the rest of this glorious past is still alive today. And our deepest desire is to preserve the sparks of the eternal Bulgarian history, of life and culture, authentic and worthy of the memory of those to whose lives they are a direct reference.

Over time, the calendars of the series "Bulgarian Roots" have become more and now the Foundation is working to expand them, and our aim is to eventually cover all ethnographic areas and to present a convincing part of the cultural wealth and heritage of each ethnographic region in Bulgaria.

In addition to the main annual calendar, the foundation began publishing a regional one. In it, our aim is to focus on a specific area. This differentiated approach allows us to present a larger amount of information for each area, showing it in the most convincing, beautiful and historically reliable way.


At present, calendars remain the main means by which the Foundation sponsors the process of its activities.


With part of the funds raised from the sale of calendars for 2020, The Live Roots of Bulgaria Foundation supported the Dimitar Talev Foundation in their noble initiative to raise funds for the purchase of the house of the great Dimitar Talev in Prilep, Northern Macedonia and the transformation into a Bulgarian museum.

Editions of calendars so far
"Girl, Marie, beautiful" 2021
"Pirin girl from Razlog" 2022
A calendar dedicated to the beauty and spiritual strength of the Bulgarian woman


for 2017

In 2017 we made two calendars with authentic folk costumes:

  • "Girl, Marie, beautiful"

  • "Elhova magic"



for 2018

In 2018 we published two calendars with authentic folk costumes:

  • "Girl, Marie, beautiful"

  • "Kyustendil Madonnas"



for 2019

In 2019 we published three calendars with authentic folk costumes:

  • "Girl, Marie, beautiful"

  • "Three sisters - 100 years later"

  • "The roots of Razlog"



for 2020

In 2020 we published two calendars with authentic folk costumes:

  • "Girl, Marie, beautiful"

  • "I'm white, white hero"




In 2021, we released only one costume calendar due to the limitations of COVID-19:

  • "Girl, Marie, beautiful"

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