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Privacy policy

Personal data

The rules published here reveal our privacy policy ("Policy"), which "The live roots of Bulgaria" collects from users on the website ("Website"), social networks and other platforms in connection with online shop and other applications and resources ("Services").

The Policy published here is applicable and valid only for users of the services of "The live roots of Bulgaria", available through the website, social networks and other platforms. This Policy does not apply to social networks, other websites, platforms or companies that "The live roots of Bulgaria" does not control, but to which they refer or are connected, directly or indirectly, the provided Services.


The collection, processing and storage of personal data by the users of the Services is performed by "The live roots of Bulgarias", with registration and acting in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. "The live roots of Bulgaria " provides the Services as a personal data administrator. The administration of personal data is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act and other applicable norms of the current Bulgarian and European legislation. Personal data is collected, processed and stored lawfully and in good faith, only for the purposes of providing the Services through the website, social networks and other platforms in which they are available.



We use the provided personal data for:

  • To establish the availability and compliance with the minimum system, technical, software and other requirements for your successful access to our products and services.

  • To reliably deliver our products and services by verifying your access rights.

  • To constantly improve the quality of our services by receiving completed and sent by you surveys, studies, proposals, tips and ideas for expanding existing and introducing new products and services through our website.

  • To offer you new products, services, special offers and discounts.

  • To send you news, e-newsletters, promotions, offers, interesting and useful information and other news.

  • To invite you to participate in surveys and user opinion surveys on the quality and satisfaction with the Services offered and on our website.


We do not collect personal data that:

  • reveal racial or ethnic origin;

  • reveal political, religious or philosophical beliefs,

  • disclose membership in political parties or organizations, associations for religious, philosophical, political or trade union purposes;

  • nor those relating to health, sexual life or the human genome.



When you register to use our Services, you will be asked for information that is necessary solely for the purposes of the Services provided. The requested information can be about: your name, age, gender, location / country, city, town /, e-mail address, preferred language of communication, data on the computer configuration used, operating system, IP address and other data necessary for full use of the services and resources of our website. Part of the information is required to create a user account, and another part is optional. This is indicated in the registration form.


IF YOU ARE A MINOR IN LOCAL LAWS of residence in order to register as a user SERVICES AND / OR THE WEBSITE AND TO USE THEM, YOU REPRESENT THAT YOUR parents or your legal guardian has read and agreed with these conditions.



The personal data entered in your user registration / profile / can, if necessary, be updated. You can at any time and at your discretion review and make changes to your registration data, change your preferences and settings, as well as completely delete your user registration / account /. The complete deletion of registration with personal data is done after receiving your explicit and unambiguous expressed wish for this, sent to the following email address:



When you visit the Website and / or use our Services, you identify yourself as a user through your user registration / profile / or through your IP address, which is a series of four numbers and indicates the Internet address from which you access. Your IP address points to your ISP and can be traced by anyone who enters that address and searches the Internet for it.

As a registered user, you have permanent access to your personal data and you can always, at any time, check what data is stored about you, edit, change and delete this data at your discretion.



"The live roots of Bulgaria" stores the personal data provided by you for a period of time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which we collect and process this data, as set out in this Policy and in other cases specified by law.

We take due care to keep your data up to date, in accordance with and within the framework of information freely and voluntarily provided by you and respecting your wishes and expressed preferences. If there are changes in your data (for example, a change of email address or other contact), you need to inform us about these changes in order to maintain up-to-date and accurate information about this data.

The user is responsible for the provided contact information and other data that are incorrect, false or relate to third parties (in all cases where third parties have not given consent), as well as for any illegal or malicious use of personal data and information.



The personal information you provide is used for the purposes set out in these rules, to analyze trends on the Internet and to improve the content and functionality of the site.

Your personal data is not provided to third parties or organizations and "The live roots of Bulgaria" would under no circumstances provide such information without your explicit consent, except as provided by applicable law or with proven misuse of personal data.

We do not sell, rent, provide or distribute personally identifiable information from your user profile to other companies, organizations and third parties.



When you visit a website, your browser sends a large amount and variety of information to the web server. Most web servers support user access logs. These logs contain information that can be used to compile a complete picture of the popularity of the pages, the inbound links from other sites and the various browsers used by users. "The live roots of Bulgaria" uses the information from these logs to compile statistics on website traffic. Raw data is not disclosed publicly and is destroyed periodically.

Our policy for providing data that is collected in server logs or accessed through the database to the administrators of the website, social networks and other platforms provides for the disclosure of data in the following cases:

  • Upon receipt of a court order, subpoena or other request of a binding nature from the judicial authorities.

  • At the written request of the affected user or with permission obtained from him.

  • If necessary, investigate complaints of abuse.

  • When disclosure is necessary to resolve pressing technical issues.

  • When the user vandalizes the content of the Website or other platforms through which he uses the Services, demonstrates persistent malicious behavior or performs other malicious and illegal actions, his identity may be disclosed to facilitate the tracking of IP registers or to make complaints. to the relevant internet service providers.

  • When there is a justified need to protect the rights, property or security of other users of the Services, or other protected public interest.



"The live roots of Bulgaria" uses cookies to identify traffic coming to the servers of advertising and other sites to assess the effectiveness of advertising in them, as well as to provide a more friendly interface to the site. The use of cookies is a generally accepted and well-established practice on the Internet. In any case, if this circumstance worries you, you can prevent your browser from processing cookies.

In some cases, blocking cookies in the browser can lead to problems when using the website.


We use the following type of cookies:

  • (Cession cookies) - allow the website to link the user's actions during the browser session. They can be used for various purposes, such as storing user preferences while browsing the site. They could also be used for security when the user has access to internet banking or to facilitate the use of web-based mail. Cession cookies expire after the browser session and are not stored in the long run.

  • (Persistent cookies) - are stored on the user's device between browser sessions, which allow the user's preferences or actions throughout the site (and in some cases on different sites) to be remembered. Persistent cookies can be used for a variety of purposes, including user preferences and choices when using a website or targeting advertising.

  • First & Third Party cookies - First party cookies are those that are placed on the website that the user has chosen to visit. Some of the content on the website may be from a third party provider (eg a video or advertisement). These third parties may also set cookies through the website. These are "third party cookies". Providers, third parties are responsible for compliance with applicable law and their own cookie policy.



As a controller of personal data,The live roots of Bulgaria  takes the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect data from accidental or illegal destruction, or accidental loss, from unauthorized access, alteration or dissemination, as well as from other illegal forms of processing.

The measures are in line with modern technological developments and provide a level of protection commensurate with the risks associated with the processing and the nature of the data to be protected.

"The live roots of Bulgaria" does not guarantee against unauthorized access to any information or to part of the provided personal information.



If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the current privacy policy and policy or wish to change or delete your user registration, you can send us an e-mail to: or write to us at the following address: Plovdiv 4000, 86 Kapitan Raycho Str

The access to our rules and privacy policy is constantly active from the link at

This Privacy Policy is effective from 10.02.2020

All changes to our Policy will be posted on the Website. The changes will be effective from the date specified in them for entry into force.

This Privacy Policy is effective from 10.02.2020


© 2020 "The live roots of Bulgaria"

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