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Ancient bridal costume from the Elhovo region, worn throgh the first quarter of 20th century.

The costume is on the cover of the calendar "Devoyko, mari, hubava" with authentic folklore costumes for 2021.

The ancient bride's costume from the Elhovo region shown in the calendar was worn in the first quarter of the 20th century. It consist of soukman (pinafore) “alenik”, shirt, shirt front, waistband, apron – thick embroidered, gloves / cuffs on the wrists /, red chumber, jewelry: buckles, fiancée / bridal pin on the head /, “petsaludi”, earrings with chin piece, bracelets, “rahtove” and embroidered “peralki” in the back of the dress.

Model: Yoana Dzhelebova

The costume is from the fund of the Ethnographic-Archaeological Museum - Elhovo. We truly thank you for the cooperation and friendship of Hristo Hristov - Director of EAM - Elhovo and Dobrinka Kostova - Ch.curator EAM - Elhovo

Ethnographig-archeological museum – Elhovo presents one of the most interested and originally ethnographic expositions in the country. Fifty years the museum was specialized as ethnographic, but from 2008 its profile was extended to ethnographig-archeological.

At the moment the museum are kept more than 23 000 exhibits and more than 8000 originally documents and photographs, which presents ethnographic and historical heritage of the valey of Dolna Tundzha and Strandzha – the Sacar region. The ethnographic museum fund contains over 14 000 exhibits in the following collections: “Agriculture and livestock productions”, “Home and residential layout”, “Transport, hunting and fishing”, “Clothing and jewelry”, “Fabrics and embroideries”, “Traditional crafts”, “Artistic folk art”. Particularly impressive are the ancient costumes of the population of the southeastern part of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian settlers from Edirne and Aegean Thrace, as well as original exhibits representing the traditional family and calendar holidays and customs.

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