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"Az Buki"

Калиграфски календар „Аз Буки“

"Az Buki" is our bold endeavor to make a calendar only with typography. Moreover- we created a printing house with the two Bulgarian alphabets - Glagolitic and Cyrillic. As artists, we were inspired by the beauty, harmony and proportion of each symbol of the two alphabets. We do not aim to compare or analyze them, but simply to "show" them in a way that brings pleasure to the soul and perhaps a provocation to think about whether each of these graphic symbols does not contain a deeper meaning ... The "Az Buki" calendar is inspired by the work of a Bulgarian artist and longtime researcher of our alphabets - Prof. Yonchev. The vision of the scientist not only convincingly paints his hypothesis for their development through the idea of the figure module, but also reveals their beautiful graphic-poetic symbolism, in which the stars, the sun, the sea, the land - the whole philosophy of life are woven into the threads of human existence. and communication. We dedicate this project to Prof. Yonchev in connection with the 100th anniversary of his birth. On the pages of the calendar you will see letters from the two Bulgarian alphabets - Cyrillic and Glagolitic. The greatness of the Cyrillic alphabet as a graphic system, reflecting the peculiarities of our language so perfectly, is epochal that it became a convenient and practical solution, illuminating the culture of the Slavic peoples and reaching us. According to Prof.Yonchev, however, the wreath in the work of Constantine Cyril the Philosopher is the Glagolitic alphabet, perceived as a perfect alphabet. In it, through the figure module in the process of sequential determination of forms, symbolic meaning and sound of letters - its creator graphically recreates the initial actions in creating the world formed by the basic elements - air, water, fire and earth. According to Prof.Yonchev St. Constantine Cyril the Philosopher in creating the Glagolitic alphabet followed exactly the steps of the Creation of the world for 6 days, interpreted according to the knowledge of the time and the book "Genesis". Following this logic, in the 6 pages of this calendar we have inserted some of the texts of Genesis. We wrote it in Cyrillic - the surviving alphabet of the Bulgarians, in combination with the symbols of the sacred alphabet - Glagolitic. And if the statement of the scholars engaged in the study of Glagolitic is true, that it has a multifaceted and sacred meaning for our language and people, then let each sheet of this calendar be our message, our prayer for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people, for Bulgarian spirituality and prosperity. Each letter sign on the sheets of this calendar is handwritten - beautifully, masterfully and with a lot of flair and dedication by the hand of the young but extremely talented artist - Silvia Doikova. The purity of thought, the power of the spirit and the talent springing from the heart of this Bulgarian girl are inscribed in every letter that came out under her hand, through the technique of calligraphy. We offer to all of you this beautiful "Az Buki" prayer for the prosperity of Bulgaria in 2017!

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