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"... Be proud bulgarian, my son!" - 105 years since the heroic death of second lieutenant Stamen

Today, in the time of false heroes, values and ideals, we want to honor the memory of second lieutenant Stamen Panchev, whose heroic death marks 105 years. On March 23, 1913 in the village of Kadzhakyoy, Chatldzhansko, on the battlefield during the Balkan War, the life of the spiritual leader of the town of Orhanie (Botevgrad), the young poet, teacher and officer of the Glorious Bulgarian Army, second lieutenant Stamen Panchev, ended. On March 16, 1913, the commander of the 12th Company, 38th Infantry Regiment arrived in his unit at Chataldja. He was assigned to guard the shores of the Sea of Marmara at Ialos. On the Aegean coast, he repulsed several cavalry attacks with his unit. These are heavy battles fought by the 38th Infantry Regiment together with the 37th Pirin Regiment in the area of Chongora - Yalos - Kum Burgas. "My heart shrinks as I watch these healthy and strong men suffer and struggle for the great and bright future of the earth, for which they think day and night and joke, and laugh through the web of their rural grief for their hearths, children, meadows, oxen and sheep, for the abandoned plow, for everything that creates the wealth and beauty of the homeland ", wrote second lieutenant Panchev from the front. In the third attack, on March 17, second lieutenant Stamen Panchev received two severe wounds in the stomach and right arm from a British warship shelling them. He was admitted to the hospital and stoically endured the pain. The hope for life did not leave him until his death at 8 hours and 10, on March 23, 1913, when he pressed the photo of his 3-year-old son Pavel, Stamen Panchev died. He was buried the same day at the highest altitude between the villages of Kadakyoi and Elbasan, near the Greek cemetery. "My Son" is a poem-message, a revelation and an expensive testament, written probably by the Syneclite position at the end of winter before the March 1913 recapture of Chataldja. A poem, which even then was printed and sent to schools in Bulgaria for study.

These are the farewell words and the testament of Stamen Panchev to his son, these are the farewell words of the countless Bulgarian heroes who in the epic struggles with the Turks, for the Liberation of their enslaved brothers, laid down their lives on the

Thracian plains from Strandzha Mountain to the shores. of the White and Marmara Seas. Thrace became many times dearer to all Bulgarians with the blood shed there of our heroes and more expensive with their unknown graves there. Their spirits are still roaming there on the battlefields and here among us with one message - not to forget them or Thrace.

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