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Calendar "Haiduti"

Календар "Хайдути"

The first Bulgarian calendar with haiduti is already a fact!

The "Haiduti" calendar for 2017 does not aim to provoke nostalgia for past times of courage, honor and family affiliation, but to awaken the living Bulgarian spirit and to kindle the fire that smolders in the heart of every true Bulgarian and patriot. This feeling was charged by our friends from the "Haiduti" association, with whom we realized the calendar dedicated to the haidouks of Bulgaria. During the photos, they showed us that they do not just believe in their idea and cause - for them it has become a way of life and a mission to future generations. They seek, find and restore old weapons, clothing, information and documents to show the truth to those who want to reach it. The open lessons in the schools aim to acquaint the teenagers with the forgotten and unwritten history and to arouse interest in the Bulgarian roots of each child.

The program of the association includes the restoration and unveiling of monuments to Bulgarians left in history and in the folk epic.

Thanks to our friends from the association who participated in the photos. Thank you friends for making us sympathetic to your idea, thank you for being Bulgarian and remembering your Bulgarian roots!

The calendar is a luxury edition: full color printing. The individual sheets / months / are on 200 g of glossy paper, covered with varnish to preserve the freshness of the colors. On the front cover there is 0.5 mm - 300 microns of crystalline astrolon to give the product a finished luxury look.

And to complete the commercial look, each calendar is placed in an individual transparent cellophane package, allowing you to see the front and back covers. On the back are printed photos of weapons from the XVIII-XIX century, owned by the association "Haiduti".

At the bottom of the calendar is a 4.5 cm white stripe (continuation of the back cover) that allows personal branding and placement of advertising or corporate identity.


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