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Costume for the “Lazaruvane” ritual from Straldzha, Qmbol region, 30s of the 20th century

model: Iliyana Djondjorova

The costume is from the fund of the Regional Historical Museum - Yambol

Lazar's costume from Stralja, Yambol region, 30s of the 20th century. The suit is from the Fund of RHM Yambol.

The traditional Lazar's costume is worn by maidens taking part in the spring lazar’s games, known in Stralja as buenek. It consists of a shirt, a sukman (pinafore), a waistband, gunche, an apron and a lazar's hat.

The shirt has a tunic-shaped cut and is made of white cotton home woven. It is decorated with a multicolored vezmo around the neckline , the end and length of the sleeves.

The sukman (pinafore) , known as a koprinnik, is made of black,woven woolen fabric. The skirts of the sukman are appliquéd with vertical silk stripes in black and red, connected by lace, sewed with yellow threads. Above them are sewn silk widths and lace, filled with embroidered with multicolored figurines.

A compulsory outerwear is the guncheto – a sleeves - free garment, long to the waist, strongly delineated to the side. It is made of homemade woven black woolen fabric. The curved bosom, the sleeves and tops of the wedges are decorated with blue woolen braids, with small pieces of red broadcloth in places. The apron is woolen, lito woven, single-breasted, red. Large geometric shapes and smaller multicolored plant ornaments are carved all over its surface, with white cotton threads. On the head is fastened low red cylindrical hat with a high back end, covered with artificial flowers, sinchano feather / white decoration with beads / etc. To the side are lowered strings by coins – ushenki, pendants with beads – menzuli, and a row of coins on the front of the forehead. At the back of the hat is fastened a long ribbon – an end, that descends on the back, along with multicolored kordeli. On both sides of the hat are the scarlet ends – two triangular ends of red silk headscart.


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