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Festive costume from Kotel from the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century

models: Mihaela Bakalova & Mariya Ivanova

The costume is from the fund of the "Corpeeva House", or the exposition "Kotel town life", Historical Museum - Kotel.

At the end of the 19th c. the dress variety was also separate – a transitional shape to the urban costume. The rich locaл merchants set off on hadzhilak on the Holy Places, visited the exotic eastern markets and brought beautiful silk fabrics, velvets and atlazi, thin cashmere and expensive skins. On the border between traditional society and Bulgarian "modern times", between the Renaissance and European, the new clothing, known as "kotlensko" – a beautiful atlazen dress made of factory fabric, a shirt of thin silk canvas, a long satin vest, with the typical dark bojigrobska apron, decorated with stamped white oriental motifs, was born.

The ends of the headscart, obrimchena with kenta, are crossed on the back of the head and peeked over the ear. Exquisite purl belts with silver chaprazi - buckles, decorated with enamel, envelop the graceful figure of the women from Kotel, and heavy strings of pendars, metal bracelets and rings, silver amulets – kuni, complement the clothing. A short top garment of sucno, lined with lamb skin and lined at the front with fox skins, gives a special sophistication to women, called "kotlenski kokoni".


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