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Festive women's costume "preskolnik" from Zornitsa village, Yambol region, early 20th century

model: Pamela Peycheva

The costume is from the Fund of RHM Yambol.

The traditional women's costumes from Zornitsa

are one of the most beautiful in the region. It consists of a shirt, a sukman, an apron, a waistband, a belt, an outerwear /abba/ and a headscarf.

The shirt is cotton, from kenar. It is decorated with a multicolored vezmo and lace sewn at the end of the sleeves.

The sukman is a representative of the vezani soukmans (pinafores) and is known as a "preskolnik". It is made of black woolen woven fabric. At the bottom of the soukman (pinafore), at the height of the knees, with multicolored cotton and silk threads is carved about 20 cm wide strip, filled with geometric and plant ornaments. For a more saturated color, the gaps are filled with appliquéd small square pieces of red sukno. The composition is complemented by a wide about 40 cm sheer strip of stylized plant motives. The soukman (pinafore) is elongated with a double piece of canvas, embroidered with multicolored geometric shapes that are different on both strips.

On the soukman (pinafore) is wrapped a woolen belt with woven embossed multicolored stripes – vadena technique. A colorful wool belt with silver leaf-shaped buckles decorates the presented traditional suit.

The apron is woolen, red. In the weaving are formed two fields, the upper is monochrome, red, and the lower – multicolored, filled with geometric shapes /rhombuses/, located horizontally and small stylized plant ornaments.

The costume is complemented by a outerwear – abba, long to the wedding decoration of the soukman (pinafore), strongly slinthed to the side. It is made of black, homemade woven thick woolen fabric and is decorated with black braid, ornaments of red sukno, multicolo

red threads and filigree


On the hair is a slung over white cotton headscart, folded diagonally, with freely dropped ends.

The festive costume is complemented by silver ornaments /prochelnik, coin ing, cabarets, bracelet/.


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