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Local „Surva“ - Pernik, 13-14.01.2019

Again it is „Surva“ and again this year the festival in Pernik is about to improve its own records of visitation and interest. The torches of „survakari, kukeri, mechkari” and the sound of chans and bells merge into one to stop time and to stay only the magic of Surva. Perhaps this fact is the most essential proof that traditions and awareness of meaning from them come back in full force. The revived faith will help drive out the evil and only good to accompany us throughout the year. The team of Bulgarian roots makes you empathetic with the presentation of the groups in the local Surva.

And this year we had the pleasure to immerse ourselves in the euphoria and experience the magic of the holiday in several settlements around Pernik. Special thanks to Mrs. Vyara Tserovska - Mayor of Pernik Municipality and her team for the invitation and the opportunity to become part of the holiday. We will see each other again this weekend on January 25-27th, 2019, to share with you the emotion and the passion of all participants in the big festival in Pernik.


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