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Official presentation of the calendar "Elhovo Magic" for 2017.

Официално представяне на календар „Елховска магия“ за 2017г.

Bulgarian Roots and Bogara Adv presented the calendar dedicated to the beauty of the Elhovo costume at the Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum in Elhovo. Thank you for the warm welcome and the interesting folklore program, which was taken care of by our hosts from the museum and the participants in the calendar. "Elhovo Magic" - a calendar for 2017 fascinates with the richness of embroidered jewelry worn by women in the valley downstream of the Tundzha, West Strandzha and Eastern Sakar rivers before the Liberation and in the first few decades after. This is one of the most beautiful traditional women's costumes in Bulgaria, so we paid special attention to this and made a separate calendar only with costumes from this region. Each of the costumes is authentic and is stored in the archives of the Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum in Elhovo. We thank the team from the museum, who was inseparable from us in this project with their knowledge and heart: Hristo Hristov - director, Dobrinka Kostova - Ch. curator and Milena Valeva - curator. Thank you friends! But what would be a beautiful dress without the beauty of the young girl who wears it. The girls in this calendar not only shine with youth and beauty, they illuminate each leaf with the magic of their smiles. Thank you girls: Bianka Dimova, Boyana Nikolova, Ivelina Bahchevanova, Simona Todorova, Dona Nesheva, Veselina Baltova.


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