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The beginning of the ХХ century. The costume is from the collection of Tanya Kirovska - Gramatikova. This costume, along with the women's Wallachian wedding costume, are presented on the cover of the 2022 calendar "Girl, Marie, beautiful".

The costume was worn by its owner Shenai Shefketov. The men's consists of a long ankle-length shirt of thin cotton cloth (kamasha lunga), richly decorated with a embroidery on the bosom and sleeves with white and red woolen threads, a waistband, trousers (izmene), a embroidered tissue (shtergar) which is thrown over the waistband (brau), white socks, an upper garment - kasak and a fur cap (kachul), moccasins (opinch). Who is the young medical worker in this beautiful costume, you can see in his business card here:

"My name is Shenai. I am named after my paternal grandfather. In principle, my name is of Turkish origin and translated into Bulgarian means" Happy Month ". .

I grew up in a small town near Pleven - Cherven Bryag. My family and I are patriotic and have a strong interest in tribal geography. My homeland is a paradise. Here is a unique folklore treasure, here is the epicenter of the Northern folklore region. It is rich in many different traditions, but it seems that the most accurate for me is the holiday St. Ivan's Day in the old style in the village of Gigen, January 20. I can talk a lot about him, I even invite you to see him live, exactly on this date.

It is difficult for me to talk about myself, but I will share a few words. Many people may be surprised by what I will share. I am a medical professional by profession, I have been working in the field of Imaging Diagnostics in one of the leading hospitals in our country for 6 years. I dare say that the experience I gain every day is an upbringing for me. Helping someone in need, and in the best way possible, is a real satisfaction. My team, the people around me, are true professionals and I am honored to be among them. Of course, like any young person, I have ambitions to develop professionally. To be a small part of the needs of someone to help in the best and right way, because the greatest wealth is to give the needy faith, spirit, strength, trust. Of course, I am excited about many things. Now, in these times in which we live, I am very excited about the situation and the control of the Kovid pandemic. Seeing him before my eyes every day, I dream that the pandemic will end soon. There are solutions, as long as there are reasonable people to implement them.

My family and I are patriots. We appreciate and respect all the holidays throughout the year, but it seems that we pay the most tribute to St. George's Day. We do not have namesakes in the family, but the moment to be together in one of the best periods of the year is irreplaceable.

For me personally, Folklore occupies an important place in my life, in my daily life and for me it is a way of self-esteem. It's hard for me to talk about this emotion, it has to be felt. Only people who have the right senses would understand me. I was breastfed with this "virus" - Folklore. Many of my peak moments have remained as a standard in my mind. The thousands of kilometers I have traveled all over Bulgaria, the dozens of meetings with different ethnic groups of people, their way of life, their existence, their authenticity, have built me ​​as a patriot, boiling for Bulgaria. Here I just want to insert something for all current and future young people who have started to work professionally in Folklore. People travel, tour this Bulgaria, you have no idea what treasures are hidden in the untouched corners. From presentations and books you will find it difficult to accept what only the heart can make you empathize with the truth.

You know, my wardrobe is full of different costumes from all over Bulgaria. I can wear two ensembles. I have worn the costume more than once. Even if we could go back in time, as we do at Zheravna every year at the festival, I would accept that the costume is my everyday clothing. There is no such feeling!

I have said it many times. Not every garment goes to a person, but the costume goes to everyone. I wear the costume and for no reason, I don't need anything else.

My favorite place is Bulgaria! "

Photographer: Petar Petrov

Тhe Live Roots of Bulgaria Foundation would like to thank Olcom Ltd. as well as the digital agency Bogara Ltd. for the support in publishing this calendar!

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