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Women's festive costume from the Ihtiman region in the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century

model: Katerina Anastasova

Costume from Ihtiman

Sleeveless wool soukman (pinafore) (also has additional sewn-in short velvet sleeves). When soukman (pinafore) is cut, his wedges reach the waist area. The wedges are turned and tightened from the apron. On the sukman, a braid decoration is made, then a seam of thousands of golden glass beads and filigree is formed. The decoration of the saya is concentrated on the bosom and the lower part of the soukman (pinafore). Aprons are two, woolen underneath and white with rich lace top. The shirt is made of cotton woven canvas with rich lace on the sleeves and hem. White aprons futi, along with wide lace breastplates create an additional colourful imagery of the costumes. The other parts are the belt and the buckls. The ends of the headscarf are closed with filigree and paquettes (aspri) , both ends are tied on the crown.


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