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"He is alive, he is alive ..." - a tribute to the memory of Hadji Dimitar - in Svezhen.

This year, hundreds of patriots from all over the country gathered on Kadrafil Peak, near Svezhen, to bow to the grave of Hadji Dimitar. The events in honor of the voivode are organized by the “Patriotism” Committee in Plovdiv and the “Highwaymans” Association in Hissar. The guard of honour at the top also paid tribute to the legendary voivode. The version that Hadji Dimitar died on Kadrafil peak and not on Buzludzha is supported by the testimonies of the people who buried him. The severely wounded voivode, disguised in shepherd's clothes by the surviving rebels, carried by them on a stretcher, welcomes his last days on Kadrafil peak. With water, food and herbs he was helped by the people of Svezhen, who in the first half of August 1868. was buried him at the top, and years later his bones were transferred to the yard of the church "St. St. Peter and Pavel ”in the village

of Svezhen. The voivode's mother recognized her son by the bones sent to her by Svezhen and buried him in the yard of the church "St. Nikolai Chudotvorets ”in Sliven. Kadrafil Peak becomes a place of remembrance every year for all patriots in heart and soul. The people from Svezhen greet their guests with a meatless fasting in memory of Hadzhi Dimitar, as the period is meatless during the Lent.


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