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"Northern Wedding" - folklore festival "Ledenika" 2019

Within the national folklore festival "Ledenika"-2019 edition, the team of "Bulgarian Roots" had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere that accompanies the re-creation of an authentic Northern wedding. For four years in a row, the municipality of Vratsa with the assistance of the Ethnographic-Revival complex "St. Sofroniy Vrachanski ”fulfills the dream of a newlywed couple, their guests, friends and relatives, as well as several thousand lovers of authentic Bulgarian folklore, to attend and participate in a wedding in an environment as close as possible to an authentic one of the last century. The guests of the wedding, in national costumes, were treated to delicious dishes, on long meatballs, placed on the lawn itself and back in time. Among the beauty of the Vratsa Balkans and in the presence of several thousand guests, Kalin from Vratsa and Petya from Samokov said "YES". We thank you for the invitation to cover this event especially to the mayor of Vratsa Kalin Kamenov, Stanislav Tunov and the entire team of EVK"St. Sophrony of Vratsa ”. We wish the young family a lot of love and happiness, a house full of grace and children, and the organizers to continue the traditions and the dance on the meadows to become bigger and more colorful!


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