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Women's migrant festive costume from Karakioy

Moved and used in Razlog region with the second wave of migration in the early 20th century. It is currently kept by living heirs.

model: Elica Parapunova

The costume is from a private collection

The costume was transported to Razlog by the Bulgarian migrants from the villages of Banitsa, Karakoy, Gorno Brody, Selsko - Greece. It consists of a long shirt with embroidery at the hem. The upper garment is called a clashnik on which at the bottom end is sewn a velvet piece with braids, which is called a pala. On the bosom is put a breastplate, most often made of velvet. Kalashnik fits with a waistband, put a rectangular cloth on top of an apron. Additionally put buckles and a decoration called a button . The covering up is with a woolly headscarm at the end of which there are small flowers and fringes.


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