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Festive winter costume from Razlog- „aba“

Festive winter costume from Razlog- „aba“

Festive winter costume from Razlog- „aba“ - cover of the calendar for 2022 - 14 sheets, wall, with folk costumes "А Pirin Girl from the Razlog region" . A calendar dedicated to the skilfulness, beauty and spiritual strength of the Bulgarian woman from the Razlog region.

👉Festive winter costume from Razlog- „aba“, typical for the second half of the XIX century. In Razlog this was the most used winter garment at that time. The „zabun” and the „klashnik“' are outerwear with similar patterns, but the „zabun” is more often with a sleeve. It is sewn from litho woven fabric in "kurmuzov" (red) color, it can be cut from white, blue, red and yellow threads at the base. The lining is white, cotton, lightly quilted and tiled. Usually without sleeves at work, but for livery sleeves are added, which makes an undergarment under the „aba”. Inverted covers on the sleeves are hemmed with a patterned fabric. The “aba” is sleeveless - on “ramushki”. If worn at the same time as the “klashnik”, it becomes an undergarment and the “aba” an outer garment. It is worn when going out "in front of people”: at church or at a visiting. It is made of thick “tepana”, woolen fabric with a light blue or black braid trim at the edges. Elongated and widened so that it can be worn "on opretulyakya"- with skirts folded back, the tops of which meet at the back of the waist and are fastened with a girdle or apron belt. So the style of wearing the “aba” brings mobility to the composition of the suit and allows to see the beauty of the outer garment - “zabun”, “anteriya”.

❤ Borislava Kutlarska from Razlog wore the costume.

❤ The costume is from the fund of the Historical Museum - Razlog.

❤ Many thanks to the Municipality of Razlog for the support in publishing this calendar!

👉 You can buy the calendar here.

🌞 Borislava is not only a beautiful face and a charming smile. See more about this patriotic girl in her business card here:

Festive winter costume from Razlog- „aba“

👉 „My name is Borislava and I am 16 years old, I was born and live in Razlog. I study at the centuries-old Razlog high school "Bratya Kanazirevi". I deal with many things, but mostly they are related to our folklore. For almost 9 years I have been going to folk dances in Children dance establishment "Razlozhenche", and for half a year I have been playing the tambourine. I admire the people in our city, the living tradition and the unquenchable spirit of us young people. I have always been amazed by the unwavering spirit of the locals. The desire of adults to pass on this spirit, skills and knowledge to children. They observe all the local holidays and customs and are eagerly awaited by the whole of Razlog. In my family, traditions and customs have always been respected. I have been wearing a costume since I was very young. Every year I take part in our traditional for the city carnival "Starchevata". The clearest memory for me is the dipping of wrists on St. George's Day. I was always looking forward to the time when the grandmothers would take out the pot and we would shrink colorful wrists with "nishani".

Bulgarian folklore brings me an indescribable feeling. Pride that Bulgarian blood flows in me. Respect for previous generations. A feeling of fullness. Calmness. In short, Bulgarian folklore is an extremely sacred thing that must be discovered and kept in the heart of every Bulgarian.

Festive winter costume from Razlog- „aba“

How do I feel about wearing a costume? When I put on the costume, I automatically teleport to another time. In a simpler time. By wearing the costume you get from the power of the person who owned these clothes. You recharge with new strength and feel your deep roots. I often wear costumes on various occasions related to my favorite activities.

Bulgaria? Bulgaria is a unique place that has gathered the wisdom, strength, freedom, beauty and happiness of its people. A paradise with strong roots, uniting and protecting.

👉 The photos for the calendar were taken within the project "Study of the specifics and richness of national costumes from the Razlog region in the light of cultural diversity" is realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund under the program "Cultural Heritage".

Photographer: Petar Petrov


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