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The beginning of the XXth century. The costume is from the fund of the Regional History Museum Pazardzhik, dressed with the assistance of Maria Yordanova - curator of the Department of Ethnography RHM Pazardzhik

👉 You can view the calendar here.

👉 The costume was worn by the beautiful young woman Ani Dineva from Plovdiv. Her little daughter, Snezhanka, was also present in the photos with Annie. You will see her in some of the shots with mom.

👉 It consists of a sleeveless dress, the skirt is decorated with three thin strips of black fabric. A strip of black fabric edges the bosom, followed by a border of leaves in the same color. The shirt is cotton, with a skirt of sewn-in white twill stripe, rich hand-knitted lace on the sleeves and embroidery decoration on the waist opening. The cloth is buttery green, cotton, with beautiful “zaraflatsi” (keneta). The black satin apron is decorated with an embroidered floral wreath. The hand-knitted cotton socks have a colourful floral decoration.

👉See how beautiful Ani presents herself in her business card here:

I was born in the town of Panagyurishte. I lived for a few years in Strelcha and then in Plovdiv. I am named after my grandmother Anna. My name is of biblical origin and means - grace. I am currently a mother. I have a little daughter. I love very much to deal with children and recently graduated in pedagogy. I love to paint. I love and get excited about music, adventure, walks with family and friends.

Bulgarian traditions have always been respected in my family. I remember when I was little and going to kindergarten, how one year my grandmother dressed as Baba Marta for the kindergarten party. I was very jealous of her then, I remembered that I even cried because I thought it would be the grandmother of the other children. But at the same time, I was proud of her.

My sister is a folk singer and I often enjoy Bulgarian folk songs. I also like to watch folk dances.

I like the mineral springs in Strelcha. Every year the Rose Festival is celebrated there, and a festival is held on Ilinden.

With great pleasure and excitement I put on this over 100 year old costume for the photos. I felt proud of myself, like a real Bulgarian. I would be happy to wear a national costume again. I would wear it for Lazarus Day, a photo shoot and for any other occasion that would be appropriate.

For me, Bulgaria is a beautiful country with many traditions and beautiful folk costumes! "

👉 Photographer: Petar Petrov

❤️ We thank Boris Hadjiiski - Director of RHM - Pazardzhik and Maria Yordanova - Curator of the Department of Ethnography RHM Pazardzhik for cooperation and friendship!

❤️ The Live Roots of Bulgaria Foundation would like to thank Olcom Ltd. as well as the digital agency Bogara Ltd. for the support in publishing this calendar!

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